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Firewarm Stoves Oil

Franco Belge Oil Fired Stoves are a hidden secret.

They can run at a steady and constant output, over a 24 hour period and on low fire consume less fuel than other makes.

They can outperform kW per kW equivalent solid fuel counterparts by a factor of two or three without the dust and ash.

Over a 24 hour period a 5kW Belfort oil stove will output more heat than a 10kW solid fuel stove, just set the control knob at the required output and the stove will produce a constant steady heat output.

Franco Belge produce a range of wonderful cast iron oil stoves from 2 to 10 kW output.

Belfort, Savoy and Burgundy.

They are :-

1. Silent in operation with no moving burner parts

2. Long lasting and reliable.

3. Dust free, clean and convenient.

4. Easy to operate.

5. Capable of steady, continuous burning.

All the models can be supplied with an optional electric ignition kit and provide beautiful blue flame combustion on high fire and a dull red glow with wispy blue flames on low fire.

To complete the package there is also an optional coal fire effect kit available for each model of stove.


The Burner used in all versions of the Franco Belge oil fired stoves runs at 4cc’s per minute on low fire, equating to .24 litres per running hour consumption.

Fuel Types

Franco Belge oil stoves can be supplied to run on a variety of different fuels such as :-

BS2869        GRADE A2 GAS OIL (Red Diesel)


BS15940      H.V.O. Refined vegetable oil. (CLASSED AS A RENEWABLE ENERGY SOURCE)

With the burgeoning availability of the new HVO, renewable fuel, oil fired stoves can be run Nett Carbon Zero with dramatically reduced Sulphur Dioxide emissions.

*The fuel type must be specified when ordering.*


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