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Which fuel type should I use?

For some, there is just no substitute for a log fire. Others prefer the convenience and controllability of gas. With advances in modern technology, there is a stove suitable for any application (whether you have a chimney / flue or not) and fuel types fall in to the following categories:

Wood burning stoves

As the name suggests, these stoves are designed specifically for burning wood. The trick with wood is to make sure that the combustion chamber is raised and maintained at a high temperature. This ensures that when a fresh charge of seasoned logs is loaded the wood Naphtha vaporises off, the right temperature for cooking or heating is maintained and less smoke is produced. Wood burning stoves can also be used to burn wood briquettes or pellets – an alternative to logs.


Multi-fuel stoves

Designed to burn wood, smokeless fuels (for example anthracite) and peat/turf briquettes. Most fuels (with the exception of wood) burn more efficiently with air coming from beneath the fire. Multi-fuel stoves usually include a ‘riddling’ grate and built-in ash pan designed for ash collection and removal, aiding combustion.
NOTE: In many towns and cities in the UK, Smoke Control Areas have been established to give local authorities the power to limit emissions of smoke and fumes from residential and industrial properties. Homes in these areas must either use stoves designed specifically to comply, or burn only approved smokeless fuels. For more information about Smoke Control Areas and how they may affect you get in touch or visit the DEFRA website.


Gas or oil stoves

If a solid fuel stove isn’t appropriate, practical or suitable for your home or needs, then gas or oil make a great alternative. Gas and oil stoves provide all of the benefits of a real fire, without the mess and fuss. Modern stoves offer the ultimate in ease and convenience (some even have remote controls!), and their highly realistic log or coal effects create an amazing atmosphere.


Electric stoves

If you don’t have a chimney or flue but still want to enjoy the look of a real fire, an electric stove could be the answer. Gone are the days of an orange lamp with a spinning wheel to create a flame ‘effect’ (ask your parents!). Modern electric stoves combine the look of flames with ultimate convenience. Simply plug them in and turn them on. Conservatory, kitchen, hallway or bedroom – now you can experience the warmth and character of an electric stove anywhere.