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About us

Harworth Heating was established in 1971 by Terry Hibbard who grew up in Sheffield in the 1950s, a time when coal burning was commonplace and smoke from households and the resident steel and rail industry was a huge issue.

From school he went to work in the steel mills and quickly progressed to the design office. Fast forward to 1971 and Terry launched his own engineering business, later specialising in the design and manufacture of stoves in the early 1980s. Although not originally intended for use on boats, a chance encounter led the company to produce a specialist range of stoves designed specifically for boats and Bubble Stoves was born.

Today, Harworth Heating is a major supplier of solid fuel, multi-fuel, wood, gas and oil burning stoves for a variety of different applications. We are experts in our field and continue to design and build our own range of stoves which we sell alongside products from all of the leading manufacturers.

Every stove purchase is different, it’s a very personal experience and we take the time to find out what our customers really need, making sure that their new stove works perfectly, looks great and provides good value for money.

So whether you are looking for a large stove capable of heating your home, a welcoming focal point for a living space or a simple wood burner that you can cook on – talk to Harworth Heating. We love what we do and are happy to offer friendly, free and impartial advice about the right stove for you.