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Solid fuel back cabin cooker

Off the grid Cooking, Multifuel oven stove

Harworth Heating back cabin Multifuel oven stove


Off the grid cooking – In days gone by the art of cooking was a very different affair, Most people would be hard pressed to survive without the supply of gas and electric cooking and heating, now a days the thought of off the grid cooking is a scary but intriguing thought!. This is why Bubble stoves decided to go back to basics when they came up with the idea of designing a multifuel stove with a built in oven which can be used for off the grid cooking and heating of your house, boat or even man cave! But just because you you are cooking off the grid, does not mean you cant have some of the benefits and design features of the modern age!

We love to hear how our customers are getting on with the stoves that we have hand built and designed for them, so when we heard from Frank Wilson that he is absolutely in love with his bubble stove we just had to share!

Frank has been using our Multi fuel oven stove to cook delicious every day essentials off the grid for a while now, such as freshly made bread, potatoes and more! You can literally cook anything off the grid with our Multi fuel back cabin cooker!

Here’s what Frank had to say:

I just put your wood burning oven on YouTube I made some bread in it it’s so awesome I had to share this awesome oven of yours u tube frank wilson baking bread on wood burning oven hope you enjoy yours fw

“I have all so put a second video promoting your fine oven look up off grid cooking by honest harry I intend to put lots of videos on YouTube of this awesome oven”

Why not go back to basics and discover for yourself the incredible taste of off the grid cooking with one of our back cabin cookers, you can find out more by visiting our bubble products website

You can also buy the cooker online on our website