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The Di Lusso Eco R6 Slimline is simply stunning.

It gracefully combines science and style to make a striking statement in your home.

A slimmer version of the original R6, this Di Lusso model boast a advanced firebox technology and a truly exquisite finish, all whilst utilizing space efficiently.

*Frame pack priced separately


The Eco R6 really is the king of inset stoves, thanks to its dynamic Air Control System, effortless contemporary styling and innovative, next generation technology. Its sleek lines and smooth finish will set off any room, creating a stunning focal point that will wow friends and family alike!

Whether sat on a hearth using the 3-sided trim option or raised up in the wall combined with the 4-sided trim, the Di Lusso Eco R6 Inset Stove will become the main feature of any room providing dependable heat and ambience whenever needed.

For easier installation of the R6, Di Lusso have developed a convection chamber that can be fitted as a separate unit from the firebox. Additionally, the flue collar can be fitted at either a 30° angle or vertical, depending on the specific needs of the installation.

The Di Lusso R6 Inset has eco-conscious combustion at its core. Thanks to forward-thinking firebox technology, this highly advanced wood burning stove already complies with stringent Ecodesign 2022 standards. It is also classed as a Smoke Controlled Appliance allowing you to burn wood even if you’re located within a smokeless area.

Offered in a choice of Black or Pewter finish, this sleek, modern appliance is offered with a choice of 3 or 4 sided trims depending on your preferred installation type. When inset into a chimney at hearth level, the 3-sided trim is used. If you plan to fit the fire raised up in the wall as shown in the main image, the 4-sided frame will be required.

Di Lusso EcoDesign 2022 StoveThe Eco R6 Inset is a convection stove so you will benefit from quicker heat distribution in the room. With a nominal heat output rating of 6.2kW but with a total heat output range is from 4kW to 13kW, it is well suited to medium sized rooms where more than standard heat is needed. High efficiency of 76% thanks to Di Lusso’s premium construction and superb controllability.

Designed to burn wood only, the Eco R6 Inset can accept logs up to 330mm in length. For those who want the option to also burn solid fuel, an optional Multi-Fuel kit is available. The Eco R6 is compatible with direct outside air connection and you have the option of purchasing a Direct Air Kit.

Di Lusso’s Exact Air Delivery (EAD) Flame Technology is a cutting-edge system that ensures a more complete combustion of the fuel used. It has been developed to maximize heat extraction and to further lower emissions even at lower burn temperatures. Targeted distribution and circulation of air inside a firebox allows for an optimal mixture of oxygen and combustions gases, which in turn provides the best conditions for a more complete combustion.

Conventional wood burning stoves often provide insufficient or excess aeration of the firebox. If there is a lack of air to support complete combustion, this leads to poor fuel and air mixture, which in turn reduces efficiency and increases emissions. If there is excess air, the firebox will be cooled, combustion accelerated, and efficiency lost.

Di Lusso EAD Flame Technology utilizes targeted primary and secondary air streams. These streams are directed and optimised to enter the combustion chamber at the precise locations and in the correct ratios. They ensure that the air traveling through the firebox creates the required turbulence to correctly mix combustion gases and oxygen, thus enhancing the stove’s efficiency and minimising emissions.

Di Lusso Eco R6 Inset Stove Sizes

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