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The Boat Bubble No1 has been readily accepted by the boating industry as the market leading stove for boat heating.
It has achieved this position by virtue of ts wonderfull design advantages.
No other vaporising pot burner can compete with the performance of the Christel Blue Flame
burner which can run at 3cc per minute on low fire and 16cc per minute on high fire.
Most narrowboats need a steady constant heat and this is exactly what this stove can do.
The competitor products can’t run at the same performance of the Christel burner and this is what boat users have found.

Suitable for replacing existing solid fuel stoves or for new installation in :

–Still water boats
–Mobile homes
–Holiday homes
–Summer houses
–Building sites


Bubble stoves are specially modified to allow them to run on flue heights of 1.8 and 2.2 meters providing an adiquet anti-downdraft cowl is fitted.
Top or rear flues are available, the top flue option must always be used on low flues.
The flue spigot is designed to take industry standarde 100mm dia. flue pipe and there is also 125mm dia. socket if required.


–Smallest, most compact oil stove on the market.
–High water content boilers for use on gravity or fully pumped systems.
–heat up to 75 cubic meters space.
–Burns kerosene or deisel (specify).
–Run with or without a coal fired effect kit.
–Quick and easy manual ignition throug a conveniently placed lighting port without the need to remove the coal kit or pot inners.
–Glow plug, electric ignition at 230 volts a.c. (optional).
–there are colours available.
–High quality components ana castings.
–Very economical.

Optional Extras:

–Fiddle rail kit
–Electric igntion kit
–Remote sensing fire valves
–Isolation valves.
–K vent twinwall flue systems.
–Fitting and user instructions are provided with each stove.


60 kg


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