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Franco Belge Vicky 5 1340505 Wood 5kw Stove Cast Black

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Franco Belge Vicky 5 Wood Stove (134-05-05)

Vicky 5: Features and Benefits
Solid cast iron construction:
There are many benefits of cast iron over other materials, for
example once the fire has died the stove will retain its heat for
much longer when compared with stoves constructed from other
materials. Cast iron has also proven over the centuries to be very
durable under high temperatures and also allows Franco Belge to
cast high quality stoves with their own unique design and
No firebricks:
Unlike many stoves there are no refractory or vermiculite firebricks in the Vicky 5. These firebricks are normally used to keep a high temperature within the combustion chamber of the stove to ensure ignition of the volatile gases released from the logs and in the case of steel stoves to protect the body of the stove.
These firebricks can be easily damaged and wear over time so they need to be replaced adding further costs to owning a stove. They are not needed in the Vicky 5 as the air entering the stove is preheated to a high temperature so keeping the volatile gases above their ignition point and the cast iron is of such a high quality it can naturally withstand the temperatures generated in the stove.
Pre-heated air:
By pre-heating the exact volume of air entering the stove Franco
Belge have ensured that the Vicky 5 has the desired aesthetic burn
characteristics without compromising the efficiency.
The design team have ensured that the pre-heated air is delivered into the fire box in such a way as to mix this air with the volatiles released from the logs to give outstanding performance.
The pre-heated air wash keeps the glass clean allowing an
uninterrupted view of the flames.
Single control:
The operation could not be simpler with one control to adjust the air direction within the stove. On lighting, it is withdrawn to allow primary air, under grate air, in to quickly establish the fire. Once burning well this can be pushed in to direct the secondary air, above grate air, around the combustion chamber and over the fire. The air volume is pre-set so there is no need to worry that there will be poor combustion, just let the
stove run itself.

Franco Belge offer a 5 year manufacturers warranty on the body of the stoves they produce, when the stove has been purchased from an authorised Franco Belge retailer and has been installed by a suitably qualified and competent heating engineer.
If a stove is purchased from a non-recommended retailer and/or there is no proof of a qualified heating engineer installing the appliance then only a 12 month warranty will be applicable.

The warranty covers the stove body castings only and does not include consumable items such as grate, firebricks, vermiculite panels, baffles, log guards, door rope and glass.

Any warranty claims should be addressed to your original stove supplier.


95 kg
Franco Belge
Fuel Type
Wood Burning


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